Mitchell Sweet

Front-End Developer | Mobile Developer | Student at Rochester Institute of Technology

I am a mobile app developer and a front end web developer
studying at Rochester Institute of Technology.


  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Java
  • Photoshop/Sketch

See all of my live iOS apps at


App Store Link

taskIt is a fun and simple app which will help you be productive and organize your life. You can add standalone tasks or you can add events, which group tasks for one specific purpose. If you have trouble focusing on a task, Hyper Focus will help you manage your breaks and even tell you to stay focused when you pick up your phone.

Max Camp

App Store Link

An iOS application created for Maximum travel Camp which provides communication on all destinations, scheduling, and points of interest. Utilized by staff, parents, and campers. Written in Objective-C, winner of WWDC16 scholarship.

Music Playground

GitHub Link

Music Playground is a Swift Playground which I created for my WWDC 17 scholarship submission. Allows you to easily create simple music by using three different shapes which each play a different part of the song. Written in Swift, winner of WWDC17 scholarship. open source on GitHub. , video demonstration on YouTube.

Roslyn High School

App Store Link

An iOS application created for Roslyn High School. Allows students to view school information such as the daily schedule, staff directory, and features a homework planner and class reminders. Written in Swift, open source on GitHub.

Website Link

A website that I created to showcase all of my iOS apps that are live on the App Store. Features an apps page with links to all of the apps on the App Store, an about page, and a contact page. Written in HTML and CSS, open source on GitHub.

Website Link

A landing page that I created to promote my iOS app taskIt. Features a description of what the app does, a link to download it, a support page, and a system status page. Written in HTML and CSS, open source on GitHub.

This website!

A personal website that I created to tell people about what I love to do, projects I have created, and how to contact me. Written in HTML, CSS and JS, open source on GitHub.

More of my projects are on my GitHub

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